Substance Addiction/Misuse

Drug addiction is not a new problem, but it is, unfortunately, a persistent one.

At WGRC, however, we have a long history of providing effective drug–free treatments and beating addiction together with 18 years of experience and an 80% abstinence rate amongst our past clients.

Many drug addictions begin through experimentation in social situations. There is a misconception that simply trying a drug once can be harmless, but this is untrue. Dependencies and addiction can manifest themselves in people from their first time using a drug, and develop often without the user being fully aware of the change. Whilst the risk of addiction can vary depending on the type of drug being used, the symptoms of addiction are often the same. They include:

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Regular use of the drug. This can be monthly, weekly, or even hourly.

Feeling that use is necessary to function normally or is needed to have a good time, or get through the day.

Needing more of the drug to get the same effect or high.

Changing your behaviour in order to get or buy the drug such as not meeting obligations at work, avoiding family or social interactions, borrowing or stealing money in order to buy the drug.

Although these symptoms are quite personal to the user, if you are worried about the drug habits of someone you know, the following symptoms are ones to look out for:

Problems at school or at work – missing days, showing up late or performing poorly.

Poor health or appearance – physical changes such as weight gain or loss, poor health and hygiene, or lack of interest in appearance, or looking well.

Changes in behaviour – antisocial behaviour, not maintaining relationships with friends and family, little or no energy or motivation, or being secretive about entering their room or who they are spending their time with.

Financial changes –needing money without any obvious reason, borrowing, stealing, or gambling in order to get access to more money (Mayo Clinic, 2014).

The Drug Misuse Service in WGRC provides an opportunity to engage in a process that helps the participant to identify what blocks them emotionally from making progress with their drug misuse issue. WGRC Drug Misuse Service offers a combination of different therapeutic and holistic interventions to support participants to reduce or stop their drug misuse.

Participants who access the service are likely to use a combination of different drugs such as cocaine and its derivatives, tablets (valium, zimovane), stimulants, alcohol, opiates such as heroin and methadone, and cannabis in all forms.

If you or someone you know is experiencing any of the above and needs some help, contact the office to make an appointment for Keyworking on 01 4198630

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