Are you or somebody you know being abused or assaulted physically, emotionally or sexually by someone close to you?
24 Hour helpline 01-4630000

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Domestic Abuse can take many different forms, some very subtle and some much more visible.

You do not have to have a black eye or physical injuries to be experiencing domestic abuse.

  • Does somebody control your every move?
  • Will not let you have access to work or study or see family and friends?
  • Threaten or intimidate you? Or damage your belongings?
  • Hurt you repeatedly promising it will not happen again?


  • 24 Helpline with a listening non-judgemental ear
  • Short Term crisis accommodation for women and their children
  • The refuge is staffed 24 hours, so they are always there for you
  • Children support workers on site to support children and their needs
  • Outreach service providing support to families in the community, including court accompaniment support.


If you are planning on leaving a violent partner, here is a brief safety plan;

  • Try to save money to bring with you
  • Leave the house when you know they are gone for a while
  • Bring as much documentation as possible with you, birth certs, passports, social welfare card, child benefit book etc..

Try to have transport organised ahead of time

Please remember that the point of leaving and abuser can be the most dangerous

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