Aftercare Support

Aftercare Group
WGRC aftercare provides both one to one counselling and group support. The aftercare team provide ongoing support for people in recovery, or those that have made significant positive changes in respect of their drug use, in order to maintain and reinforce the positive changes.
The Aftercare Group provides a place for people to come and get support as they move forward in their recovery. The group is limited to a maximum of 12 people who wish to establish strong supportive links with others in a similar situation. The group meets on a weekly basis.

Outreach Support

We also provide an outreach programme when needed, during Covid our outreach team were in high demand due to our group activities being on hold in the centre.  We visit homes of those who are isolated and feeling lonely, we work with different agencies to make sure anyone at home gets the services they need e.g Meals on wheels, homecare package etc..

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