Addiction Counselling

Our team of counsellors will offer a range of approaches to suit your individual needs. The aim of talking to a counsellor is to help you make sense of what is going on in your life. Counselling within the WGRC works with the individuals intention to change, and works to promote their well being.

The counselling provided also works with individuals to contain and manage crisis situations that are linked to the impact of alcohol or drug use. Counselling is provided for individuals who themselves are using or have used substances, but is also provided to others, including family members, who have not been involved in substance misuse, but who have been affected by such use.

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Talking to someone who can help you to understand your relationship with alcohol and / or drugs can give you the confidence and strength you need in order to make the changes you want to make. This can help with;

• Drug and alcohol awareness
• Changing addictive behaviour patterns
• Referral and planning for detox and rehabilitation
• Talking about issues that push you toward using substances

The work of Walkinstown Greenhills Resource Centre reflects the belief that individuals with addictions can and do recover, that the families of those affected by addiction do not have to cope alone and that the community can be an effective place to recover and take control over addictive behaviour.

You can make an appointment by contacting WGRC on 01 4198630 

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