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The WGRC offers a range of interventions that address the impact of drugs and alcohol use on the family, but that also work to strengthen the family’s role in supporting change. Work with families includes services for family members, and concerned others.

Family Support

One to One Support
WGRC offers support and counselling from experienced and professional staff, who understand the issues facing families and individuals concerning addiction. You are provided with a space where you can come and talk with the assurance of respect and confidence being extended to you.

Group Support
There is a great power in people coming together in community to support and understand each other.

We at WGRC have witnessed this many times as family members –brothers, sisters, spouses, partners, mothers and fathers – have come together with the common purpose of talking about the impact of addiction within the family, and finding new ways to live and cope, through the support of others living in similar situations.

If you would like to talk to someone about joining a family support group you can ring us on 01 4198630 or email reception@wgrc.ie and you will be put in contact with a family support worker.



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