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We have gathered a number of links we feel is beneficial. So why not get informed.

They provides an information resource for the local area around drug awareness, drug education, drug prevention, family support, local drugs research, family & community support.
Their services are available to anyone resident in the catchment area of the North Eastern Region of the Health Service Executive - North of the Liffey & North County Dublin. They have been providing services to people with alcohol problems since 1977.
The Loreto Centre in Crumlin was set up to meet the needs of people in the local community, by providing opportunities for personal growth and community development through the delivery of Adult Community Education and low cost Counselling/Psychotherapy.
Empowering people to make and maintain healthy lifestyle changes related to alcohol, polydrug misuse and Hepatitis C.
Provides a range of treatment services to people with addictions, their families or anyone affected by addiction
We are specifically linking to the teen section of this site, a place just for teens affected by someone else’s alcoholism.
Offering a wide variety of services including, non-judgmental confidential telephone helpline and one-to-one support service for women.
A list of published reports about alcohol and related issues.
Alcohol self-assessment tool.
Offering a free, therapeutic approach to people who are in suicidal distress and those who engage in self-harm.
This app provides you with instant feedback on your drinking. It compares your drinking against the Drinks Meter community to give unbiased, anonymous feedback.
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